而第一轨道是期待已久的“11 11”的家伙,Gerber和老爹之间的合作是我的心释放。了解项目的跳动的灵魂,我的心”是这张专辑的电子未来主义亲密的和复杂的片,在即将到来的一个令人兴奋的一瞥。

Fittingly the first track to be released from the long awaited ‘11 11’ collaboration between GUY GERBERand DIDDY is ‘My Heart’. A glimpse into the beating soul of the project, ‘My Heart’ is an intimate and intricate slice of the album’s electronic futurism, an exciting glimpse at what’s to come.

“11 11”是一个实现世界的相互碰撞和“我的心”体现了这个中断–从闷热的低音和欢快的节奏吉他早期的交换,说唱“邀请早晨跟着老爹的微妙的扭曲其他世俗的不在我的心里,我很害怕,”格柏的美丽的合唱“我的心”的声音合成器,别的什么都没想,这是相互矛盾的力量,画了两个独特的个人探索在一起。

‘11 11’ is a realization of worlds colliding and ‘My Heart’ embodies this disruption – from the early exchange of sultry bass and euphoric rhythm guitars, a rap to ‘invite the morning’ followed by Diddy’s delicately distorted other worldly refrain of ‘In my heart, I’m scared’ to Gerber’s beautiful chorus of synths, ‘My Heart’ sounds like nothing else, it’s an exploration of the conflicting forces that drew two unique individuals together.


Guy and DIDDY’s collaboration was not born out of opportunism, indeed it’s dismissive of the current main-stage malaise, and was germinated before the current electronic explosion; ’11 11’ is collaborative and combative, an expression of two outsized creative personalities unfettered, unfiltered, fearless, raw, and after four years of work, here for your enjoyment.

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